Ways to Cut the Cost of Car Insurance

Car insurance costs in the U.S. are high and constantly rising, due to the substantial cost of vehicles and the realities of possible litigation following accidents or damage. However, motorists can implement some of our tips in order to save dollars when driving.

Tip 1: Go for multiple cars/drivers insurance

Some insurance companies offer a lower rate to motorists that insure multiple vehicles and several drivers with them. This means that it can be cheaper per vehicle to insure more than once car/driver at a time. When you ask for a quote, see if you can qualify any possible “bulk rates” that may bring the premiums down overall. In general, if two drivers live at the same address or are relatives/spouses, this allows for discounting.

Tip 2: Ask about multi-insurance discounts

Some auto insurance companies also provide household and homeowners’ insurance. If you have a pre-existing policy with such an insurer or an affiliate, be sure to ask about ant possible discount that you can benefit from.

Tip 3: Drive safely and keep your record clean

Drivers that have a history of accidents other violations usually suffer from more costly insurance premiums. Granted, this tip won’t decrease the cost of your insurance, but being careful to drive safety and preserve a spotless record will certainly help to keep your costs as low as possible.

Tip 4: Go on a specialist driving course

Some auto insurance companies are able to give discounts if motorists go on and complete something called a defensive driving course. This is a course aimed at increasing accident prevention skills and can also sometimes have the additional benefit of decreasing penalty points on a license. Ask about defensive driving course completion discounts while you are still comparing insurers.

Tip 5: Ask about mileage thresholds

The number of miles that your vehicle drives per year also has significant bearing on the cost of your premium. For example, a driver who uses their car to drive 2 hours to work and back each day will usually have a higher premium than the light-usage two mile a day driver. Ask the insurer about the mileage thresholds that they have. If higher mileage is substantially more expensive to insure, you may need to look at other transportation methods for your daily long commute. For example, if you can commute on mass transit with a better cost benefit overall including the insurance premium for your car under lighter use, it might be worth doing so.

Tip 6: Compare and contrast insurers carefully

It is absolutely vital to shop around and compare plenty of insurers to know what the going rate is and what is a great deal. This is a great rule not just in the beginning stages of choosing an auto insurer, but also throughout the time of your life as a motorist. The general rule is to shop around every year or two to make sure you are getting the best of the market. If you get a better quote from another insurer, you should definitely switch.

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