Tips to Get a Better Deal on New Car Insurance

You can save hundreds of dollars by exploring your new car insurance options before you buy a car. You need to be covered before you can drive your new vehicle out of the dealership. If you are replacing a car or are purchasing another car, your existing car insurance may cover the new vehicle for a certain period of time even if you don’t inform the insurer about the new purchase. Get free, no-obligation new car insurance quotes from the leading insurers now.

Is it necessary to inform my present insurance company in advance?

If you already have a car, it is best to contact your current insurer to find out about your options. Some companies provide coverage for 30 days after you purchase the new vehicle even if you don’t notify them. If you don’t inform your insurer within the specified period, some types of coverage may no longer apply.

Can I transfer my existing car insurance to my new vehicle?

You may be able to transfer your existing car insurance coverage to your new vehicle as it is. This means that if you only had liability coverage for your old car, you may only get liability coverage for your new vehicle. If you take a loan to buy your new car, your lender will probably insist on collision and comprehensive coverage.

Insurance companies have different rules regarding replacing a vehicle or adding of a new vehicle to an existing policy. That’s why it is best to contact your present insurer before you buy a new vehicle.

Get the coverage you need

Decide on the type of coverage you need for your new vehicle. You need to have the minimum amount of liability coverage required in your state. Add on other types of coverage based on your needs. If you face significant risks and have a high net worth you could ask for additional liability coverage.

You can add collision coverage if you drive in conditions where damage is likely. It covers damage caused by collisions with objects or other vehicles. Comprehensive coverage is for losses due to reasons other than collisions, like theft, storms, vandalism, hitting an animal, or fire.

Shop around for the best offers

We can help you to get car insurance estimates from the top insurers. You can make major savings by comparing quotes. Your present insurer may be charging much more because of a minor accident or because of an outdated credit report. If you ask for competitive quotes, you may find that other insurers are ready to offer much lower rates.

Take time to understand your coverage options before you request quotes. Ask a few reputable insurers to provide quotes for the same type of coverage, so you will be able to compare them easily. Browse through online reviews to check the ratings of the insurers. Get free, no-obligation quotes for car insurance from the leading insurers now.

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