Tips to Buy the Right Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Commercial auto insurance is necessary if you use a vehicle for business purposes. Vehicles like vans, cars, and trucks used by you or your employees for business are required to be covered in most of the states. Your personal car and business owner’s policies will not cover vehicles that are used for business. Commercial coverage is needed for vehicles that are owned, leased, or rented by you. Coverage is also needed for employees who use their personal vehicles for business purposes.

Why do I need commercial auto insurance?

You need to get commercial coverage for business vehicles that are used to move you, your employees, products, or equipment. Accidents tend to occur when they are least expected and they can result in huge losses. It is best to get adequate coverage for your business vehicles, so you will always be prepared for any disaster.

For example, your truck could collide with another vehicle, or a driver who is not insured or underinsured could hit your car. Vandals could damage your truck or steal your cargo. Get free, no-obligation commercial auto insurance quotes from the top insurers now.

What is covered by commercial vehicle insurance?

A commercial policy can offer coverage of different types, including liability, collision, comprehensive, medical, and underinsured / uninsured driver coverage. Rented or borrowed vehicles and employees using their own vehicles for business purposes can also be covered.

Collision coverage pays for physical damage caused by a collision with a stationery object or another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage pays for losses due to reasons other than a collision, like vandalism, theft, hail, wind, and fire.

How do I decide on the type of coverage I need?

Think about your location, the conditions under which your vehicles operate, and the major risks to which they are exposed. Your insurance agent will provide advice about the type of coverage you need. However, it is best to do your homework before you discuss your requirements with your agent.


Should I ask for a larger deductible?

If you opt to have a larger deductible, you will have to pay a lower premium. However, this will meant that you will have to pay a bigger part of any claim before your insurer pays for the rest of the loss. Think about whether you can really afford to pay a bigger part of any loss before you decide to raise your deductible.

Get a good deal

Compare quotes from a few reputable insurers and read the fine print carefully before you sign up. Ask the insurers to provide quotes for the same type of coverage, so it will be easier to compare them. Look for an agent who listens carefully to understand your needs and explains everything patiently.

Online reviews can help you to check the ratings of the insurers you are considering. A little research can help you to get the coverage you need at a great price. Get free, no-obligation auto commercial insurance quotes from the leading insurers now.

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