Top insurance companies in the US

Compare Quotes from the Top Insurance Auto Companies in the US 

Dealing with the top auto insurance companies in the US will give you peace of mind. You can save hundreds of dollars by comparing quotes before you buy or renew a policy. While you it is important to save on your premiums, it is also important to check the customer ratings of the insurers before you sign up. Get free, no-obligation auto insurance quotes from the top insurers now.

Which auto insurance companies have the highest customer ratings?

Some of the leading insurers in the U.S. are USAA, Auto-Owners Insurance, The Hartford, State Farm, 21st Century, Farmers Group Incorporated, AAA, GMAC Insurance, Allstate, Travelers, GEICO, Erie Insurance Group, Liberty Mutual, Country Insurance, Nationwide, American Family, Progressive, Mercury General Corporation, MetLife, and Esurance.

What the top car insurance companies offer

A professional insurer will explain your options patiently and help you to choose the type of coverage you need. The service provider will not act like a sales person whose main aim is to increase your premium. You can call up a customer care helpline at any time.

The terms and conditions will be fair, simple, and transparent. You will not have to worry about any hidden costs. Claims will be settled quickly and without any hassles. You may not mind paying a slightly higher premium because you can be sure that you will get fast and efficient service.

Get a better deal on your insurance

You can save hundreds of dollars on your annual premium if you are aware of your options and shop around. Compare quotes obtained from the leading insurers and check their customer ratings before you sign up.  Take time to understand your coverage options and decide about the risks you really need to cover. You may be able to reduce your premium by dispensing with coverage you don’t need.

Find out about the discounts for which you are eligible

You can get a discount if you have a clean driving record. Discounts are offered for paying the entire premium at one time and for clubbing multiple auto insurance policies and your home policy. Discounts are offered for cars with anti-theft and safety devices. You can get a discount by completing a defensive driving course. Young people who have passed approved training courses and students with good grades can also qualify.


You can reduce your premium by opting to increase your deductible, but this will mean that you will have to bear a bigger part of any loss before your insurer will pay the rest of the claim.

Compare quotes before you buy

You may be losing hundreds of dollars every year if you don’t shop around before you buy or renew insurance. You can request online quotes from some of the best insurers in the US within minutes. Ask the insurers to provide quotes for the same type of coverage so the quotes will be easier to compare.

Study all the charges and ask for clarifications if something is unclear. Online reviews will help you to check the customer ratings of the insurers. Get free, no-obligation auto insurance quotes from the leading automobile insurance companies in the U.S.

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